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Dear Husband,

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that what they say is true. There is no bond like the one between fathers and daughters. From the moment Journey took her first breath, I have watched her fall in love with you. I watched you hold her gently, afraid she would break. I watched you bravely battle diaper duty and late night feedings without hesitation. I watched you fall sleep with her on your chest when she wanted to be held. I watched you drink about a million cups of imaginary tea while you chatted with her and her dolls. I watched you lovingly read her bedtime stories over and over because you couldn’t resist her sweet little voice when she said, “Again daddy, again!”


And so to my daughter’s first love on Father’s Day, here are 9 reasons why our daughter is blessed to have you as her dad:


1.  You show her how a woman should be treated

You know that you are Journey’s first love and you don’t take that lightly. You understand that our relationship sets the stage for every relationship she will have in the future. You treat me like you would want a man to treat her. When she looks at us, she sees what love looks like. You also show her that you respect all women—not just the ones you love.


2.  You are not afraid to show her affection

You don’t just tell Journey you love her. You back it up with plenty of hugs and kisses. You hold her when she is hurt and wipe her tears when she cries. You show her tenderness and let her know that it’s okay to be vulnerable.


3.  You make her feel special

Each time you reaffirm her value, her beauty, her intellect, and her talent with kind and loving words, you build Journey’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.


4.  You make her feel safe

Journey knows that one of the safest places in this world is in your arms. She can always count on you to encourage her when she’s having a rough time, to celebrate when she has conquered a challenge, and to give her a big hug just because.


5.  You show her that we are a team

Journey knows that we are a united front and there is no good cop/bad cop in our home. When I speak you speak. When you speak I speak. Even though she puts a twinkle in your eye, you let her know that you and I are always on the same side—the side that does what is best for her.


6.  You show her what a real man looks like

When you do household chores and take care of her when I’m away, you show Journey that your role as her caretaker is just as important as mine. You teach her that there are no gender roles in our relationship and that we work together to do what needs to be done.


7.   You show up for her

No matter how tired you might be or how many things you have on your agenda, you always make time for Journey. You know that she cherishes the daddy/daughter time you spend together every weekend. Whether it’s an event at school, the latest movie, a friend’s birthday party, or just shooting hoops at the park, you are always there for her.


8. You make her laugh

You let Journey see your silly side and remind her how important it is to laugh every day.


9.  You don’t spoil her

Even though she melts your heart, you don’t give Journey the impression that a man’s role to give her everything she asks for. You teach her that nothing is given and that she has to work hard to earn what she wants. You encourage her independence financially and emotionally.

This Father’s Day, I pay tribute to the amazing father, amazing husband, and amazing man that you are. With all my love,


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5 Comments on To My Daughter’s First Love On Father’s Day

  1. Did you shed tears when you wrote this Simone? …. I shed tears while reading it. Because I’ve witness this family in Love & Action together. You each inspire me individually with the love you give collectively. I love you guys! Happy Fathers Day my friend. Colb!

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