No matter how old my daughter is or how many times we’ve had a babysitter, I always feel a bit anxious when I leave her in the care of someone else. You too? Well I’m putting our minds at ease with an essential list of 25 things your babysitter should know about your child and your home in the Ultimate Babysitter Checklist!

General Information

1.  Your address. This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised what a person cannot remember in an emergency.

2.  Your cell phone number.

3.  The location and phone number to where you are going.  There’s always a chance your cell phone could die or you are in an area with bad reception.

4.  An emergency contact person and his/her phone number.

5.  A neighbor’s name, address and phone number just in case there is a local emergency.

6.  Your child’s date of birth.

Medical Information

7.  The phone number and location of your local hospital.

8.  The name and phone number of your child’s pediatrician.

9.  The name of your health insurance provide and the ID or group number.

10. A list of any allergies or medical conditions your child has and how to treat them.

11. A list of medications your child needs to take and directions on how to administer them.

Non-Emergency Information

12. The number to your local police precinct.

13. The number to poison control.

14. The number to your local fire department.

15. Where you keep first aid supplies like bandages, peroxide, cotton balls, etc.

16. Where to find your fire extinguishers (there should be one on each level of your home).

17. Where to find flashlights, candles, etc. in case of a power outage.

House Rules:

18. Instructions for bath time.

19. Your child’s bed time routine.

20. Your child’s diaper routine.

21. Any rules you have regarding the type or amount of TV/screen time that is allowed while you are out.

22. What meal and snack options are allowed while you are out.

Miscellaneous Information:

23. Any instructions regarding pet care and contact information for your veterinarian.

24. Instructions on how to operate electronics, wifi password, etc.

25. Any additional notes you have regarding your child.

Download my FREE Ultimate Babysitter Checklist to help you keep all of this information neatly in one place!  You can fill out the parts that you know won’t change and make copies.  Then fill out the specific parts of the checklist before your sitter arrives.

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