What defines success? Is happiness, is it wealth, is it fame? In this episode we discuss 8 common myths about success and why you need throw them out the window, how you should really measure success and why failure plays a big part in success. Plus I’ll tell you why I quit a my job just when my career was taking off.

In this episode we discuss…

-My and Journey’s definition of success
-The 8 common myths that society uses to define success
-The difference between how society views successful women vs. men
-Why being comfortable with your job or career is not a bad thing
-Whether or not money can buy happiness
-What factors you should consider when measuring success
-Why you need to write your own definition of success and walk your own path
-The lesson I learned about conditional giving and why you should be of service to others
-Why I quit my job just as my career was taking off
-The danger of never being satisfied
-Three things you should consider as you write your definition of success



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