What About Your Friends? | Episode 2

Friendship is a beautiful thing. But it can also be very messy! In this episode we have a real conversation about friendship—what makes a good friend, how to be a good friend, spotting a shady friend and more. We also discuss how to decide what types of friends you need in your circle and who […] Read more…


Welcome to the Podcast! | Episode 1

I’m so excited to finally launch my new podcast Don’t Wanna Talk About It! My co-host (and daughter) Journey and I have been wanting to work on something together and we finally found the perfect project. We are so excited to share our candid conversations about life and getting through the teenage years with our […] Read more…


Sister Circle: 13 Types Friends Every Woman Should Have

  Just like any relationship, maintaining a friendship can be a lot of work. It requires patience, compassion, forgiveness and respect. Some friendships will last a lifetime while others only last a season. Sometimes you don’t even realize who your real friends are until something big happens in your life—good or bad.  Read more…

9 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Love

As I sent Journey out the door this morning with a box of Valentine’s for her classmates, I realized that it won’t be long before I’m sending her out the door on her first date.  There are so many things I want to tell her about the beauty, the heartbreak, the romance, and the many complexities of […] Read more…


8 Conversations To Get Your Partner In The Mood

Now that we have talked about building intimacy in our relationships, this week’s conversation is all about how to get your partner in the mood. I wanted to get a man’s point of view on this topic so I asked my good friend Dr. Alduan Tartt to provide some insight on how we can help […] Read more…

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