summer challenge logo-big Last week was the first week doing the challenge while on vacation.  I had to work out of town for the week, so Journey spent the week with family.  But she still finished her challenge!  Here’s a quick week 7 recap…

Since I was out of town, I tried to come up with something easy that my family would be able to manage while I was away.  She chose to do her commercial about her iTouch.  First, she wrote her notes: journeyitouchnotes Then she drew a picture of herself enjoying her iTouch.  I thought she was in a pool or some kind of water, but she said she is in the bed under a blue blanket. journeyanditouch Then it was time to shoot her commercial!  Here’s what she came up with:



As we wrap up this week’s challenge, see the challenge for week 9 below: Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge9.docx This will be our last challenge for the summer.  After this challenge, we will only have one week before Journey goes back to school.  So I think we will spend it enjoying our last few days of vacation and getting back on our school schedule.  But I will still share the results of week 8 and week 9 over the next 2 weeks.

I hope you and your kids had as much fun participating in the challenge as Journey and I did!

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