I am working out of town this week and have had the worst internet connection ever!  I literally tried to post this blog for like 8 hours yesterday and it just wasn’t happening.  So I’m a day late but I finally got it to go through.

Journey has finished camp for the summer and has taken her challenge on the road.  I am so glad I have this to keep her busy!  As we wrap up the challenge for week 3, here’s a quick recap of week 2.

The Super Fun Summer Challenge is a super fun summer activity for kids. If this is your first week joining the challenge, start here.

The challenge for week 2 was to be a puppeteer. Journey had to make puppets, write a script, design a stage and perform a puppet show.  Originally, she wanted to make her puppets using paper bags. But she designed her stage first, then realized that it wasn’t big enough to fit the puppets. After she got over her frustration, she decided to use paper to make stick puppets.

Meet Marty, Arty and Mom.


I cut out a template for the outfits and she glued on some scraps of material and cut the outfits. I love the lace that she added to mom’s dress.

She decorated an old cardboard box for the stage and I helped her make the curtains from some material that I already had.

puppet stage

The show was about two brothers, Marty and Arty, who have some trouble getting along.  At the end, they learn how to play nice and get along.

This challenge helped Journey learn an important lesson about how to regroup and pivot when things don’t go according to plan.


The challenge for week 4 is below:

Microsoft Word - SFSC Week 4.docx

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