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Have you ever been so close to reaching your dream, you can taste it…feel it…touch it?  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  That realizing my dream is so close!  Which is sooo exciting and sooo scary at the same time.

It’s exciting for obvious reasons.  I can see the happiness that reaching my dream will bring me.  What my next phase of success will look like.  Then the self-doubt creeps in.   Self-doubt is the devil that makes me second-guess everything.  Makes me think I am not good enough.  Not smart enough.  That I can’t possibly fool anybody into thinking that I am an expert at anything.

Thankfully, I was recently reminded that mine is the voice that I need to listen to.  And it’s telling me that as I get closer to realizing my dream, I need to remember three things:

1.  Fear is not real; it is a product of the thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.

Yes, it’s the line in the new trailer for the movie, After Earth, but it’s a really great quote.  And it is something that I must remind myself for the reasons I stated above.

2.  Stay Focused

With a to-do list that is as long as I am tall, it’s very easy to procrastinate or find other projects to occupy my time.  Anything to keep me away from working on the task at hand.  So I am vowing to stay focused and not to volunteer or start any new projects until I have achieved my goal.

3.  Have Faith

As I said above, I feel know that I am right at the point of achieving my next level of success.  I realize that as I get closer to achieving it, the feelings of self-doubt may get stronger and the obstacles to overcome may be greater.  But faith is what sustains me.  Deep in my spirit, I know I am meant to do this work.  That I am destined, as my very wise 7-year-old daughter put it, to share my time, talent, and treasure to help others.  And unwavering faith is what will make my dream a reality.

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