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I was scrolling through my notes on my iPad and saw a note entitled, “My Will By Journey for 2014.”  Stop 

Will?!  What does a 7-year-old know about a will?  Has she been watching too much Nightly News?  What does she know about death?  I took a deep breath and read what she had written:

j's will

As I sighed with relief, it occurred to me just how differently children and adults view life.  Through my lens, I saw the words “ my will” and my first thoughts were solemn, morbid, responsible and final.  Completely negative.  But through her lens, she saw the exact opposite.  Her written “will” is about being responsible, caring, determined, confident and so much more.  All extremely positive.

So once again, my child has taught me a lesson—actually two lessons:

1.  I need to write another will.
2.  I need spend more time viewing life through her lens.

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10 Comments on I Found My 7-Year-Old’s Written Will

  1. This is all kinds of AWESOME! When I first read the post title I was like, “What?!” But you’re right kids have totally different views than adults. We could stand to learn A LOT from them. Your daughter is very bright and seems so confident and compassionate, I hope those things never change! 🙂 Happy Monday!

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