Journey decided that she wanted a magic themed birthday party to celebrate her 7th birthday.  She also wanted to use her birthday to help put smiles on the faces of patients at the local children’s hospital.  Here’s what it looked like when we tied to two ideas together and created a party that was fun and fulfilling.

I knew I wanted a magic wand for the invitation.  I looked around online but couldn’t find anything that would work.  So I made my own.  To create it, I used PVC pipe, paint, chair tips and paper.  Here’s how they turned out:
magic wand invite
magic wand invites

Inside, there was a paper invite that I designed.
magic invite

Since we asked guests to bring loose change, I wanted to come up with a creative way to collect it.  I had an idea to make a big top hat that the kids could empty the change into.  I described it to my stepdad and he came up with this:
magic hat 2magic hat
magic hat sign

I wanted to create a backdrop for the magic show and since we couldn’t hang anything on the walls, I used PVC pipe to make a frame.  I hung curtains on the frame and hung a banner that I made from the curtain.
magic curtain backdrop

Each guest received a top hat and magic wand when they arrived.

We had different tables set up for snacks and food.  The tables were covered with kraft wrapping paper that I got from Dollar Tree.

We also used the hats as a bowl for popcorn and to hold the plasticware.

And of course we had cupcakes!  I made a little banner and decorated them with edible gold stars, black sugar crystals and magic fondant toppers that I ordered from Cakes and Kids.

For the activities, we set up several stations for the kids to make comfort cards, picture frames, jewelry, and paintings to be donated to the hospital along with the loose change.

But before we got started, I talked to the kids about how the items they were about to create would make the sick children in the hospital feel better and why it’s important to help others.

We also played games and enjoyed a magic show.

I ordered Journey a custom reversible magician’s cape from First Crush.

Each guest left with a box of magic inside a favor bag that we stamped with “BIG Thanks” and “Be The Change You Want To See In The World.”  I used business cards to make the thank you tags.

The kids ended up creating quite a few items for the hospital as well as raising almost $200 in change!
gbb donations

Journey was beaming with pride when she delivered the items to the hospital.  She even had a chance to tour the hospital and play games with some of the children.

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