It’s almost back to school time and families have some tough decisions to make.  In this episode, we’ll discuss this new level of anxiety about returning to school and how to handle all of the emotions we are feeling with our special guest relationship therapist Dr. Argie Allen Wilson.

In this episode we discuss…

-How to be ok with the decision we have made about this school year
-What kids really need right now
-How to lower anxiety around going back to school
-How to create a space at home that is conducive to learning
-The importance of maintaining a schedule
-Why you should monitor your media diet
-How to help your kids adjust to socially distancing from friends
-Getting your kids to communicate and share their feelings
-How to make peace with all of the things we’ve missed over the last few months
-How to avoid judging others for the decisions they’ve made regarding attending school
-How journaling can help you deal with anxiety


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