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Just as I was about to press the button to order Journey’s last few Christmas gifts, she walked in the room.  As I fumbled to switch screens on my laptop, she mentioned that she wanted to add bff’s to her list.  Naturally, I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about.  Is it a bff necklace, a doll, a game—I had no clue.  She tried to explain something about an egg and a frying pan, but I wasn’t getting it.  So I googled it to find out and here they are:

bff box2

They are little frenemy figures that include interlocking action and pop-colored paints. The kidrobot BFFS Blind Box includes one of 16 surprise sets of perfectly paired bff’s that are opposites, like Joe+Mr. Donutsu and Chester+Phillipe (above) along with:

Big T+ Little C and Sprinkles+Eddie
bigtlilc and eddie and sprinkles

bff ice cream and sun;

bff apple and catepillar

The collection was released in 2011 but Journey only recently found out about them when she saw them on YouTube.  I think they are a bit pricey, but her Christmas list was so short this year, I was happy to add them to it.  They also make great gifts for those who like collecting action figures and such.  Plus I must admit, they are awfully cute!

Item:  kidrobot BFF’s Best Friends Forever Blind Box
Price: $13.99

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