Journey and I really had fun decorating our easter eggs this year. I don’t know which one of us came up with the idea of creating an egg princess that somehow turned into a royal family.  Journey calls them the Royal Eggwards Family.

I used glitter cardstock to create the castle and the outfits. I glued a bit of yarn on for the hair and Journey used markers to make the faces.  Journey found a ring in her dress up jewelry that we used for the princess’s tiara.

paper castle

Once the royals were done, we dyed and decorated the rest of our eggs using ribbon, rhinestones, and other decorations leftover from last year’s William Sonoma Easter Egg Decorating Kit.

easter eggs 2014

Journey even wrote a little play for the Eggswards.  We are currently in rehearsals and will perform on Sunday!  I’m always eggcited when we can include literacy and imagination into our craft projects:)

In what creative ways did you decorate your easter eggs?

Happy Easter!

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