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Dear Disney Channel Executives,

My daughter Journey has recently become a fan of the Disney Channel.  She just turned 7, she has officially outgrown Nick Jr. and since Nick seems to show SpongeBob all day, she has moved over to the Disney channel.  At first, she was pretty much only watching Phineas and Ferb.  Eventually, she started watching the rest of the line up including scenarios for problem solvingВ see the research paper process form and content which to use viagra cialis or levitra source grading essays cialis wellston viagra key largo viagra 100mg last watch the viagra commercial song english literature and creative writing personal statements enter custom writing review custom school essay ghostwriter sites us go here how do you cite an online essay in apa how to forward a text message on iphone 6 descriptive essay sample food adulteration and consumer awareness essay gun control essay topics enter world without tv the internet and mobile phones essay how to write a retail management cover letter source link craft of the writer past papers apa fungsi viagra essay help service get link Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, Shake It Up and Jessie.

The more she watched, the more I realized that all of scripted shows on the channel have one thing in common—all the storylines center around pretending to be something you are not or lying to get what you want.   I also realized that just about all of the episodes are recycled sitcom storylines from 20+ years ago with the same premise.  The pet that dies (or gets lost) and is replaced.  The favorite item that is mistakenly given away and has to be retrieved by any means necessary.  The boy who pretends to be someone he’s not to get the girl or vice versa.  While the setting, faces and fashion has changed, the stories are basically the same.

So much of our world has changed in the past ten years alone.  Yet Disney continues to promote shows built around formulaic characters that reinforce negative cultural and gender stereotypes.  There’s the doofus dad (Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T. Farm); the scheming brother (Good Luck Charlie, Jessie, Wizards of Waverly Place); the not too bright best friend (Wizards of Waverly Place, Austin & Ally).  But the worse show on the channel by far is Jessie.  A show about self-absorbed absentee parents that have left a flighty, inexperienced nanny and lazy butler to care for their culturally diverse adopted brood that represents as many stereotypes as it does ethnicities.

I am also concerned about the portrayal of mature subject matter between some of the characters.  Girls and boys regularly pursue each other and sometimes end up in relationships.  While this may be appropriate for teenagers, I don’t think it is behavior that should be presented to children around my daughter’s age.

At first, I thought it was my fault for allowing her to watch a channel that was programmed for older children.  But after a bit of research, I realized that Disney Channel is programmed for kids ages 6-14.  The obvious way to solve my dilemma with your programming would be to change the channel, and believe me that is exactly what I did.  When I made that decision, I sat my daughter down to explain why she couldn’t watch the channel anymore.  She was upset about it, but she did agree that most of the characters make bad choices at one point or another.  “But mom, they always fix it by the end of the show,” she said.  This is the message that our children are getting—that no matter how many times you lie, scheme or make bad decisions, it will all work out in the end.  Of course, anyone over the age of 7 knows that is simply not true.

With three Disney channels, I am asking that you consider airing programming on one of them that is suitable for kids ages 6-10.  Or at the very least, a block of programming during after school hours that features shows like Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Disney feature films, as well as age appropriate scripted shows.

But then again, maybe I’m just expecting too much from a corporate conglomerate that occupies such a large place in the hearts and minds of children across the globe.  In the end, it’s up to me as the parent to make sure that the content that my child is exposed to is in line with my beliefs and values.  So for now, much to my daughter’s dismay, she is no longer allowed to watch the Disney Channel.
Parents, do you agree or disagree? If you do, like and share this post.

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  1. Totally agreed I made the girls stop watching around the time Zack and Cody was in. I noticed they started lying to me, because that’s the behavior they were constantly watching…

  2. When my, then 7 year old, daughter started talking sassy to me, I investigated. Upon watching some of the shows she watched on The Disney Channel, I realized that she was mimicking what she was watching. We forbade her watching the channel and her sweet voice has been found.

  3. There are lots of kids shows and cartoons out there where parents are non existent and one or more of the characters is just an awful, disrespectful brat! From the brother on Max and Ruby to the little blonde haired friend on iCarly. There’s no parent around to discipline these kids!!! Lol. I bet you’ll take some heat from a pro Disney crowd, but you’re not wrong for sure. It seems to be like this on all of the channels.

  4. I noticed that my kids started talking to each other like the characters on those shows do, which is to say that they were being mean, snarky, and insulting. On these shows, this kind of dialog is met with a laugh track and rolling eyes, or worse, a pithy comeback from the target of the insults. I’m not one to blame media for how my kids behave, but on top of all of the other nonsense associated with subscription TV, I simply cut the cord and am on an all-streaming media diet these days. My kids can pick whatever they want from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, and given this choice, they seem to make much better decisions about what to watch than Suite Life with Zack and Cody or some other show filled with children talking like adults and bandying snarky remarks back and forth.

    • Yes, I noticed that too! And believe me, it was in HER best interest that I turn it off or she was going to be in a world of trouble talking to me or anyone else like that.

  5. oh i never sit with my niece and nephew when they watch disney content but little did i know about the existence of such shows. you have enlightened me and now i shall bring it to my sister’s notice. perhaps an end to disney at my house too, thanks for this and a many congrats on being fp!

  6. Thank you!
    I really thought I was the one going nuts. My boy is 9 but has been watching Disney Channel for some time. I sure miss the Disney Channel days of Handy Manny and The Doodlebop’s. But now, I think there is a whole other channel for pre-school aged shows like that.

    All those shows you listed are way to teenage themed for my 9 year old. One time, I walked into the living room to see that my boy was watching Jessie and it was about how she was trying to get with an ex-boyfriend (if my memory serves). Suggestions were being made from the younger kids on how to “woo” him back. Hmmm…ok? It was stuff like this that I constantly see.

    Oh and Good Luck Charlie…I can’t stand that kid who is constantly getting into trouble and purposefully lies to his parents. What kind of message is that sending out? Sure, he gets caught in the end and had to clean up his mess but the principle message being sent out is lying is okay, even if for a small amount of time.

    So I have to explain to my son, as you did your daughter, how the themes are a bit to teenage-ish and don’t really relay a message which coincides with what I’m trying to teach him.

    I applaud you 🙂 And now I don’t feel so bad for banning Disney Channel from my tv as well. I got that same look your daughter is giving in the picture 🙂

  7. Congratulations!!! I agree!! the whole aspect of lets lie cheat and steal so we can show everyone it works itself out in thirty minutes or less with commercials. Good for you and now, the obvious benefits for your daughter. World needs more like you. The sad part is Disney has really gone down hill. Even their characters in their movies lately have become quite dark and almost sinister. Thanks for sharing. Great post

  8. Agreed. I didn’t mind Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack and Cody, because there were consequences for actions and lessons and such, but Shake It Up, Jessie, et al are horrible. My daughter is almost 12 and loves these shows and every time she watches them, I find myself missing the familiar lyrics of Best of Both Worlds or That’s So Raven.

  9. I’m not a parent but I do agree with you. It takes less effort and money to recycle story lines and that, I think, is why they do it.

  10. I agree with you completely, even though I am not a parent. The thing I like the most about this, though, is YOU CARE. So many parents out there these days honestly don’t give a rat’s behind what their kids are doing, what they’re watching, etc… My parents were really involved in my life, and I like to think I turned out pretty well! People like Disney, other TV/Film companies, and the worst (in my opinion) — video game companies — they all only care about money and audiences. They don’t have morals, ethics, or a care for people who disagree with them. Ay yai. But thank you for the post, I enjoyed reading it and I most certainly agree that a lot of “kids” programs are not for kids at all.

  11. I agree with the letter. Now I am not a parent, but I have a sibling that significantly younger than me (more than 10 years) and she has noted that cursing has been implied in some of the scripts and it’s not just Disney Channel, it’s really all of the “kid-friendly” networks nowadays.

  12. I agree. Jessie is the worst. “It feels like a party every day.” Are you kididng me? When my daughter watched that, I would fly into the room and assure her that life is not a party every day. Sometimes there is homework and responsibilties. But these children do not spend time doing homework or anything meaningful. These shows all consist of idle and entitled kids who do nothing for anyone but themselves. I am usually shocked at how mean these kids are to each other, but if you put a laugh track to it then it’s ok to be mean. Parents or guardians, do little parenting. In fact, if they are present at all, they are usually wrapped up in some stupidity. My daughter used to love watching, but we restricted it to weekends only. She rarely asks for it now.

  13. Great post, I think almost all childrens programming has gone down hill in the last 20 years. We cut cable completely not for those reasons but to save money, but that has been a great benefit. My kids are 4 and 2 so we still dictate what they watch and don’t watch, but not having those options available is great for us. We have Netflix and the kids don’t know how to use it themselves yet. We’re finding there are less and less feature films they can watch because of the violence and suggestive humor. Case in point, I thought Wreck It Ralph was a great movie for myself until I started watching it with my 4 year old and quickly realized the violence was way over her age range as were the jokes and almost curses.

    The biggest issue is the majority of the US seems to be ok with it so they keep making it. It’s really too bad. In the end, the kids would do better being outside throwing a ball or getting dirty anyway. Which is what we’re trying to do, if winter would just finally go away. Thanks for the great post.

  14. Nice. Well done. You also forgot to mention the fact that Disney makes a lot of violent movies nowadays. Disney being Disney, and kids being kids, will believe that the movie would be for them. Anyways, great job!

  15. Good post. I agree 100%. It is just as bad with shows for older kids, including teens – all are so shallow and almost creepy. They now go to YouTube for entertainment (smarter, more variety, sometimes brilliant, sometimes tasteless, but at least those videos don’t pretend to be something they aren’t – and best of all I like them too)

  16. As a parent to a toddler who is just starting to watch TV, I completely agree with you. I realize it is a tall order, but I am going to keep her away from the Disney Channel for as long as possible, if for no other reason than their formulaic plotlines that do nothing to challenge her way of thinking. Kudos for this post, and congratulations on Freshly Pressed.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I used to watch the channel with my nephews and in a mere moment the shows completely changed, so much that they even did not enjoy it because of the details you gave and reverted to watching Sponge Bob, even tho you could say by their age they outgrew it (they are 13 and 15, and they don’t feel comfortable watching shows that Disney airs.) My son is not allowed to watch it aswell and we deleted the channel in total.

  18. Beautifully crafted letter mate! Really shows that magical Disney formula for what it is! I’m truly thrilled that this got freshly pressed! Exactly the sort of stuff that needs to make it to the public sphere…

    Walt Disney was a fascist Nazi Sympathiser… and today more than ever the Disney corporation really do seem to epitomise everything that’s wrong with the world! Immoral… profit driven… predatory… hypocritical. Their whole “fairytale” facade really makes me want to puke!

    Thanks for posting Comrade

    I promised myself I’d never go in for that whole “check out my blog” self promotion stuff… but as a fellow anti-corporation letter writer I wonder if you’d be interested in my complaint letter to Tesco (The British supermarket giant). It’s the very first post on my blog!

  19. Typical of Disney. They only just got around to a princess who doesn’t need a man, and they still haven’t done a prince who’s anything other than pure Caucasian. It’ll be some time before they change their ways. In the meantime, I suggest your daughter finds a different past time as there’s not a lot of programming on TV that’s good for her age group. Personally I recommend books like the Charlie Bone series or good old Harry Potter. There’s reading involved, but those kids make way better role models than goofball teens and babies with strange moms.

  20. back in t dark ages when my kids were younger was when Nick started. I remember telling people I would prefer them to watch MTV (which was different then) than Nick because Nick depicted all adults as dolts.

  21. OMG with what goes on in this world does any of this matter?
    What degree of social engineering will you be happy with ?
    Why not open the front door any let your child interact with the REAL world ?

  22. I agree. My four year old does, too. He will actually ask to watch something else because he isn’t interested … and I’m glad. It’s a red flag to me to be more aware as well. We have started to turn off the TV and have a “Electronics Break.” No TV, no phone, no iPad and go old school with books or play outside. It’s good for all of us. I also hope that the less I watch, the less they will produce but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

  23. Great post. My 23 year old daughter absolutely will not have her 10 year old sister watch these shows without her where shes likes to give a running commentary about how wrong they really are. Its generally known as (excuse the language) disney-crap in our house.

  24. My siblings are older than 14 but love the Disney channel. And my dad detests it. Everything you wrote here he has complained about at one point or another. I don’t have kids of my own, but I agree with what you’re saying too. Disney just doesn’t provide good role models. On my study abroad recently I met a sibling pair who had never ever ever watched ANYTHING by Disney. Their parents did not support the movies or shows. When they turned 16, their parents said they could watch it, but they just didn’t want to. Interestingly, they’ve turned out to be great young people, in no way “deprived”,

  25. Wow! Where were you 10 years ago, when they aired shows like Lizzie Mcguire? Well Lizzie Mcguire. Ever since I was younger, it does seem like the situations were more towards teens.Like dating and, things like that. Lizzie Mcguire had more lessons behind it and, she rarely lied. I don’t even think her brother lied that much but, todays shows lack that. They try to make it so the kids feel “grown up”. Now that I think about it Disney back then was aimed at the older crowd. It had a block that was aimed middle school students, and early high school students.

    I know you said your child don’t watch nickelodeon anymore but the nickelodeon shows that are targeted for children your daughters age are much worse. They have subliminal messages, and I’m not talking about how they have subtle messages in disney animated movies. They actually tell joke that the kids won’t get but adults will.

    On “Good Luck Charlie” there was a joke where Teddy says ” Don’t do anything stupid, you have enough kids already.” or she said “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, you don’t want another baby.”

    There was another movie on Disney Channel, and it wasn’t inappropriate but I could not imagine a 7 year old having any interest in it or even watching it. It had too many teenage themes.

    Are you really mailing this to the executives of Disney Channel? If not you should. They either need to rewrite the shows or change their target demographic.

    • Thanks, I tweeted it to them. But I supposed I will stick a copy in the mail. Not that I think anyone will give a darn. Their ratings and profits suggests that millions of folks are fine with the channel the way it is.

      • Now that I think about it one of these days I’m going to write a blog about why kids grow up too darn fast. It could be because of shows like this or it could be because executives know that kids want to grow up so fast or they assume kids want to grow up so fast.

  26. Definitely agree. I used to watch it at 9-10y.o. but it began to make me feel really uncomfortable so I made the decision to stop watching it. I kind of just went off TV all together after that, I can only manage music channels and the news :s

  27. My kids play music, and we are often on the road to lessons or concerts, so we don’t have much time for TV. When we do have time, they tend to watch movies or Netflix, but the little I have seen of kid’s TV, it’s either really violent (cartoon network) or overly boy-girl obsessed (Disney). These issues definitely draw in viewers, but unfortunately they also teach our kids that violence is popular and fun and a kid’s ability to attract and fascinate the opposite sex is important, second only to violence. Further, the kids they see on Disney tend to be TV kids, perfectly polished in every respect (at least by the end of the show). My kids aren’t perfect, so kid’s programming does to them what adult programming does to us. They obsess about clothes, and haircuts and shoes. My 5th grader’s male friends spike their hair with gel. So do some of my 3rd grader’s male friends. When did this become normal? Doesn’t TV play a part in making our kids feel like their image needs constant work and updating?

  28. Good for you and great post! I think kids get their “attitude speech” from sitcoms with bratty kids and parents who put up with it for laughs. We didn’t watch tv when my kids were young. My son laughs and says he has a whole gap in his cultural knowledge. Cut the cord indeed. So glad this was FP’d!

  29. Hilarious photo. Agree with everything you wrote. But… um… (I’m not the only one thinking this)… turn the damn thing off?

      • I did! She only had one hour a day as it was and a bit more on the weekend. Turning it off definitely requires more of my time and attention, especially since she is an only child. But isn’t that what my job is as a parent anyway?

        • One doesn’t have always an alternative, when trying to put off the TV, or the WII console, or the computer, the cell phone…

          I liked much the way you described the contents of the Disney Channel and your analysis of how they come to their contents, and I hope, you will receive an answer from somebody how is familiar with Disney company.

          In some families, TV is running all day long, and no one really watches or even spend a single thought to it… Sometime it seems, TV is more and more used as a background noise. To ease people’s loneliness…

  30. I hear ya. My daughter is 6 and enjoys the lineup you wrote about. I have no idea why, though, because I laugh more than she does! They definitely need to bring back the Disney in the Disney Channel!

  31. It is sad how many people trust the Disney Channel for their children’s entertainment, isn’t it. What happened to reading or coloring with paint by numbers?

  32. There’s nothing wrong with TV per se and my kids loved watching children’s TV. But they far preferred at age 7 for me or their father to sit with them and read books and comics. It twas a great time to spent together, we weren’t bothered by the incessant advert breaks and they learned far better life lessons and social/language skills than TV could ever have given them. Disney and most of the other children’s channels are often just ‘dumbed down’ entertainment, ok for mindless time-wasting but pretty poor on an educational front. it’s horses for courses I suppose.

  33. I am not a parent, but I absolutely agree! Phineas and Ferb encourages good behavior and creativity. I do not know if the character Baljeet is a stereotype (people, weigh in if you choose to), but he is less offensively portrayed than Ravi, of the show Jessie. I am subscribing to this blog.
    Zarion Kreena (fake name)

  34. This is so true. I have a 10-year-old sister and I constantly have to restrict some Disney channel shows. Many of the shows show kids lying, being disrespectful to parents and elders, and basically it shows kids misbehaving and treating serious matters lightly. Totally agree with this post. Disney channel should be more careful with their shows.

  35. I agree. When I was her age, we had the Hercules series, Aladdin series, American Dragon…all on Disney channel. They were fun shows with morals and, in American Dragon’s case, a plot. There were good role models for young girls, even in the form of Kim possible. Imagine how sad I was to find these shows stopped being aired for the likes of the shows you mentioned! Disney used to be aimed at kids. Now it’s trying to keep up with the times – shows move faster because kids are expected to grow up faster. I may only be 18, but all kids deserve the fun I had when I was younger…and that includes Disney channel. Just not the way it is now.

  36. I do not allow my kids to watch any of those shows for the exact reasons you have stated. In fact, I have found todays TV lineup to be terrible regardless of the station and have not had TV in my house for 5 years so that my children are not exposed to it. My daughter started talking back like the kids on TV and getting attitude after watching those shows at her fathers and it drives me crazy! Thankfully she is a good kid and because I have told her that she cant watch the at her fathers she doesnt! I dont understand why kids need TV anyway. Why not send them outside to play or buy them toys that develop their imaginations. Crayons and paper and playdough and sticks and other such things.

  37. I was always disappointed that our favorite shows – like Bear In the Big Blue House – were scheduled at such off times we’d have to be sitting in front of the screen at 6am to watch them. No thanks. We no longer have cable at all due some of the issues you’re describing. And the advertising! OH! The advertising! I feel your pain.

  38. I totally agree. When the little grandkids are over and they watch the Disney Channel, I try to get them interested in a different channel. There are things that I like for them, but none are on the Disney Channel.

  39. I am in my 20’s (no kids yet) and work in a library. One of my co-workers is also in her 20’s, and we constantly reminisce about dropping everything to watch old Disney classics or Loony Toons cartoons when they aired on Sunday Nights and Saturday mornings. Sometimes, we confess that we still watch them as adults! Come to think of it, my parents always watched them with me too. Maybe that’s the mark of good children’s entertainment, that it invites Mom and Dad to watch and enjoy rather than compelling them to watch because they want to know where their kids are picking up bad habits?

  40. Good for you for putting this out there! You took the words right out of my mouth. My kids are not yet old enough for this channel, but are approching it quickly. Great post, and very well written…Props!

  41. Our family stopped watching the Disney channel once it started getting political with Michelle Obama on it at every turn. We also stopped watching Nick, for the same reason. Growing up, there were 5 channels, tops. Now, there are more channels than I can count. We have returned to books. Most television is garbage anyway.

  42. outstanding post. my kids all started turning into idiotic boneheads when they started watching that STOOOOOPID Zack and Cody; another horrible show: Drake & Josh. I liked iCarly, for the most part, then it got old. So i got them into great writing and random plots as they got older and we started to watch The Office. now my 15 yo is a clever kid… best parenting choice? i’m not sure, but at least the writing is excellent and they plots aren’t predictably embarrassing.

  43. Very much agreeing here. I started noticing things going wrong with the disney channel when I was in my late teens to early twenties. I heard something happen on the suite life of Zach and Cody when my sister was watching it, I don’t remember what it was, but I know I was upset about it. I’m glad that I grew up on looney tunes and 90’s cartoons, but that’s really not too much better. This was a well written post though. Kudos!

  44. I’m not a parent, but I couldn’t agree more. Aside from the socialization kids are getting form these shows, they’re also killing creativity. Rather read a book, play board games, build a fort in the garden (or under the kitchen table if you live in a flat). I’m so glad to see that there are still parents out there who watch television with their children and decide on the appropriateness of programming.

  45. It is a corporation, it is selling processed product, don’t feed it to children. Would you feed a child processed meat? If you care about their minds then don’t feed them processed experience.

  46. Thank you for clearing this up. I really couldn’t figure out the purpose of Jesse let alone why it’s even on TV at all. I really despise most of the shows on the channel and always ask my kids if they’d rather watch a movie or try to redirect them to reading or anything but the TV. However, half the time I lose the battle. I know for a fact that the Disney Channel execs have other options for shows, but they inevitably pick the stale, shallow ones to produce. That’s why I loved your post. You broke down the main problem with these shows.

  47. Fantastic post and completely agreed! My opinion of all things Disney began to change in the late 90s when my siblings started their families. In the process of buying gifts for my new nieces and nephews, I noticed any product with a Disney logo attached to it was at least 30% more expensive than comparable items. The Disney empire is a money-making machine that, in my opinion, exploits the innocence of children through relentless marketing. The programs featured on various Disney channels embody everything you said above – unrealistic, stereotypical characters, and storylines that are recycled and utterly predictable, with a shameless emphasis on fashion and other materialistic values. I think you’re completely right to guide your daughter away from the Disney snare and into something more age and values appropriate. Bravo!

  48. Oh my goodness I couldn’t have said this better myself, this is what I think, although my daughter is 21, she used to watch Nick back in the day and it was pretty much the same thing as Disney Channel with a few exceptions. But since the format on Nick has changed to just Sponge Bob, people have no choice but to watch Disney, if they have kids. So, I did the same thing as you, made my daughter turn off the TV. And now, she watches TV very rarely. What an intelligent, letter and good decision making for your daughter. Well said!!!!!

  49. Truer words have never been spoken. I have a 7 year old cousin whom I babysit every oncein a while and seeing the shows that he is watching truly saddens me. I used to get so much joy from watching cartoons, but the shows thay broadcast today seem to be steering them in the wrong direction. It’s really too bad. I hope I will be able to shelter my kids from such influences.

  50. I feel like the types of things people are saying here can be said in essence of most TV shows on most channels – the ones geared towards children model bad/obnoxious behavior, and the ones geared towards teens, adults, women, men, etc. do the same thing. Some might think I’m nuts, but that’s even the way I felt about “Friends”, and so didn’t watch it. A lot of that show was about had snarky behavior and petty arguments set to laugh tracks – but it was like people in real life (I was in college at the time) thought this was normal and funny behavior and seemed to be imitating it. I really don’t bother with TV for this reason. And if I have kids…..I wouldn’t be happy about them watching either – it’s not even just the shows, it’s also the commercials – everything seems to be geared *towards kids*, which seems to automatically mean *against parents/adults*, painting parents, teachers, and other adults as clueless, irrelevant, stupid, oppressive, etc. – people who generally deserve to be looked down on or not taken too seriously.

  51. I agree as well. I have often noticed in kids’ shows how the parents – especially the men – are idiots and the kids have to solve the “problem” presented in the show in spite of the adults’ idiocy. The shows also preset elderly people (in Spongebob it’s the old fish) as basically useless.

  52. I definitely agree! We do not have cable and have opted instead for Netflix! Even many animated shows now contain adult humor and inappropriate content for our young children. Although content we don’t care for is still available via Netflix, it has a special setting for kids only (that way a child cannot accidentally click on a show meant for adults). Additionally, our children can watch whatever show they like (or whatever show mom has approved, haha) rather than having to watch what is currently airing. An added bonus is that there are NO commercials!! Another good option is PBS kids – in the afternoon they have shows that our older two boys enjoy and learn from.

  53. When I babysit my two year old niece (since I don’t have kids of my own), I just let her stick to Spongebob all day long. Yes, it’s Spongebob. Yes, she’s two. But honestly her mother is enough of an influence, and Disney channel has, erm, failed expectations since I was a kid. I quit watching Disney when The Suite Life with Zach and Cody became popular, and I was 10.
    Shows geared toward children will always be also geared towards the teenagers and young adults who wind up babysitting (or letting the television babysit) those children. Honestly, I do not care for television, period.
    The point I’m getting at: I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  54. The other thing the Disney Channel is heavily into is magic. We have a 10-year-old and she only sees the DC with parental supervision. Their movies tend to be better than their regular programming. Walt would have had fits!…

  55. Very much agree. What I find, almost more, repulsive are the commercials. There is a program which I don’t mind my 7 y/o daughter watching, but the advertising is infuriating to me. Thanks to 3rdCultureChildren, for reblogging this post. I’ll be sure to keep-up with your site, and read more. Cheers!

  56. I’m joining the choir on this one. My 8-year-old watches Disney and just the other night says: “I want a nanny named Jessie.” I’ve watched a lot if the shows with her to check out the content and initially thought they were harmless. But more and more her comments and tone seem to say: most adults are clueless and I’m in charge. When that’s entirely untrue. Those shows are feeding kids a false world. Great post and thanks for the follow 🙂

  57. Right on parents. We’re seeing clearly now. I would highly suggest that parents take a trip down nostalgia lane and recall the shows they enjoyed as kids. Would Mr. Rogers or Soul Train do our children any good today?

  58. As a parent, I very much agree with everything you’re saying here. These tropes have been in use for as long as I can remember. I remember seeing them as a kid myself and wondering “Is this seriously what’s happening right now?”
    My daughter is only 3, but she’s getting to the age where we are definitely having to watch what we allow her to view because we don’t want her to absorb the wrong messages early on and have that be the standard behavior for her.
    I agree that PBS is a much better option than some of the stuff that syndicated television and cable can provide.

  59. “But then again, maybe I’m just expecting too much from a corporate conglomerate that occupies such a large place in the hearts and minds of children across the globe.”
    I think you are just expecting too much from TV, period.

  60. I encouraged my children to watch the movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s that I liked (with some editing, of course). We watched lots of musicals. I found most children’s shows brain numbing.

  61. I’m not a parent yet, but was brought up without TV, spent most of my time outside and was required to use my own imagination to entertain myself. That is how I intent to being up my kids when the time comes.

  62. I completely agree with you and I hate the Disney Channel!! I don’t have cable and I am glad!! All I see the shows doing is showing kids that being indulged and disrespectful to your parents is the way that it is supposed to be. I love PBS and the shows actually teach my daughter something. Yay PBS.

  63. Agree. I have a problem with programming that they say is for kids 6 to 14? But it’s all about dating for 16-18 year olds. Most 6 year olds aren’t dating. And perhaps they shouldn’t learn about dating by watching these formulaic shows where the guys are “hot” and the boys and girls are chasing record deals. There is also an absence of parents or parental control. They don’t show families, they show teens seemingly existing on their own which an occasional visit by a buffoon of a parent they can trick into paying for something. The gender stereotypes are really bad, as well. I think they realize or assume at girls don’t like some of the cartoons as much or as often as the boys so they offer teen drama instead. And they teach that smart kids are unpopular geeks and fashion is more important than anything and that a kid can become a musician without touching an instrument. And where are the sports? None of the kids play any sports or have clubs or hobbies. Oh and not having a boyfriend or date is simply the worst thing ever. My teen girls aren’t dating yet. That’s okay. But these shows teach that everybody dates all the time. Doesn’t that have an effect of kids? How is this appropriate for 6 year olds? Worse is the “ABC Family Channel” which I think should be named “ABC Wealthy Spoiled Teens with Questionable Morals Channel.”

    I’ve never been a big Disney fan. Parents and actually other non-parents need to realize that simply because something says Disney or Kids it isn’t necessarily appropriate. It’s amazing what kids will watch or listen to if you turn it on and give them less choices. It doesn’t have to be something marketed for kids, necessarily.

    • We do. She likes the Cosby Show and Good Times and my all time fav, Little House on the Prarie. All of them provide great topics for discussion.

  64. Reblogged this on Teapotted Dreams and commented:
    I basically agree with what the author has written here. I don’t have kids, but I have my nephew who watches Disney Jr all day. He especially loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Mike the Knight. The thing is, as much as there are protagonist in a story, there would be antagonists here and there. Negative behavior is shown by some characters in an episode and I’ve realized this is where Parental/Adult Guidance should come in. Toddlers and teenagers alike should be guided on the things that would affect how they perceive and relate to the world. That is essential. We cannot control everything in their lives, but at least we could offer a different take , yet closer to reality, on what television has been yapping about. … (optional)

  65. you did the right thing when you talked to your daughter about it. some parents could basically ban a channel without explaining which would then leave children wondering why and all sorts of unanswered questions.

  66. Love this. My daughter is only a little over 3 so doesn’t watch much TV at all, but I’m super vigilant about the stuff she does. And most stuff, Disney or not has zero value. I’m all for being entertained, but if the show is full of vapid characters, it won’t be allowed in my house. Public television is pretty much my go to, and I know I’ll just have to continue to be strict in this area as she grows up. Thanks for posting!

  67. TV tropes… something you can love or hate… or love to hate. But, as a parent there’s also the option of going outside with the kids. We (everyone) are the Stars in our lives.

  68. Completely agree with this and want to take it one step further: What happens to Disney Channel Stars once they “age out”? Just look at Demi Lovato, Miley Cirus, Selena Gomez, etc. to see how ill-prepared these kids are to face the real world. Disney just “chews them up and spits them out” – so sad…

  69. I agree completely. As someone who has been forced to watch several kid’s shows while looking after younger cousins, Disney’s shows are most definitely the worst. Especially that Miley Cyrus one. She is the most irritating, blood-boiling thing that has ever been featured on any kind of screen (including film, cable, network, premium channel and Youtube.)

  70. Thank you i must say it is so refreshing to hear someone say the things I have been thinking when it comes to the disney channel. I have always felt that way. I also like how you handled the situation with your daughter great blog I can’t wait to read more from you.

  71. I’m in the same boat as you. My 6 year old just recently decided that he was too old for Nick Jr and is tired of SpongeBob. Due to this, he has turned to the Disney Channel. I was OK with it at first, because it was better than Cartoon Network and SpongeBob. However, you have opened my eyes. I now see exactly what you are referring to in regards to the stereotypes and story lines of the Disney Shows. Thanks to you, I will monitor his shows a little more closely.

    Thanks a lot!

  72. This is a great article. Now that you mention it, it all makes sense and it is all true. All the stories are the same and all the characters personalities are the same. Disney Channel should really look at how to change this. I used to watch it when I was little and never really realized it until now. Parents should take note of this article because it hits the point spot-on!

  73. I’m 100% in agreement on this! I have two 9 year old girls and we banned Disney Channel in our house too. My daughter’s attitude and the way she speaks to us has changed drastically, though we are still working on it. She too had developed a bad habit of “stretching the truth” and I believe it is at least in part, due to the influence of shows like the ones you mentioned. My step-daughter, who has high functioning autism, was even more impressionable. She learns so much of her social cues from what she sees on TV! And if all she was seeing was smart mouthed kids with bone-head parents, you can see where that would lead. So we have removed it from our home. However, both children are from previous marriages and their other parents don’t feel the same and allow them to watch Disney at their homes. So I’m not sure how much good my stand did. But we are sticking to it in hopes that at least with my daughter, it will continue to make a difference since she is with us most of the time. My step-daughter is a different story though, because she is only with us every other weekend.

  74. I am right there with you. I hadn’t watched the Disney Channel in probably ten years, but sat down with two of my nieces (6 and 8) who were watching some show that had ten year old girls wearing shorter dresses then I’ve seen at bars, gossiping about other girls, making up stories, all kinds of ridiculous things that we should not be encouraging our children to partake in. I just can’t believe what the characters wear these days!! I’m glad you wrote this post, because it is exactly what I was thinking that day. And you are so right to censor what your daughter watches at her age. She has a good mom!! 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  75. I agree! I remember the old Disney tv shows, that maybe did not show the best set of morals, but at least showed regular teenagers. Nowadays, every single show is about some “special” teenager: one is a nanny, another is a hidden superstar, that one is a dancer on a tv show… What happened to just being teenagers?

  76. My wife tells me of a woman whose 5/6-year-old is a spoiled brat who thinks she’s smarter than her parents. Coincidentally, the particular shows she watches on Disney and/or Nickelodeon (can’t remember which) star a preteen girl who is selfish and and portrays the parents as total idiots who just don’t understand. These things do connect, people.

    And I don’t know if I disagree with kids seeing older kids pursuing each other and getting into relationships because that’s what their life will be soon enough, buuuut, I can also see your point. Let kids watch kid stuff.

  77. I’ve read books about how hypnotizing TV is & after you finished watching it, you are still under the influence of it. Scary. My older 3 children never watched Dora the Explora. Now I have a 1&2 years who are interested in this show. At first i could not even believe how dumb it was- the context, the music, story -everything. Oh, yes, they learn a bit of Spanish there. And we don;t even have TV in the house, this must be the end of the world. I think more parents need to voice their opinion to the government about food & stories they feed us. Thank you for taking time to address this. Bravo to a responsible enough parent.

    • I agree. There is the old Disney stuff when Walt was around and there is the now which I have to say is not worth more. They are behind the times and have no understanding or doing respectful programs. Don’t have satellite TV but not missing much. glad to see parents are reacting out there!

      • If Walt were alive; none of those programs would have even made it on the air. Plus; besides the points made bout these shows; the writing is just plain bad writing anyway. Not up to Walt Disney standards at all.

  78. I hate modern Disney Channel. Over the last several years I have launched a letter writing campaign to get them to create a Disney channel that was all the old cartoons (much like the short lived but most amazing Toon Disney). I appreciate your effort to teach your daughter better life lessons than what is going to be on tv.

  79. Really well stated. My 9-year old son watches al of tehse shows. I don’t usually pay attention because, “Well hey, its Disney channel, right?” I have seen a few of the Jessy episodes and I totally agree with you when you discuss leaving an inexperienced teenager alone with a lazy butler and a few diverse children. Honestly, there is no appropriate stations for my son to watch, unless I only allow PBS kids and Nick. Even Nick at Night is totally inappropriate. What, do these stations think that all children are in bed by 7pm?

  80. I fully agree! I don’t let my kids watch Disney channel, Nick, or Cartoon Network. I despise SpongeBob and most cartoons in fact. A few cartoons, such as Ninjago, TMNT, Looney Toons (old-school), and those types, I’m okay with. Mostly my kids watch Food Network or History Channel. We do watch shows like Bones, Big Bang Theory, and some of those, but I usually wait until they go to bed to watch my shows. I don’t understand what is wrong with people that they would let their kids watch such ignorant shows as SpongeBob, Adventure Time, Regular Show, MAD, and even the shows on Disney. Phineas and Ferb is a fairly decent show. I wish they would have the shows and movies that were on when I was a kid (only about 12-15 years ago). I still watch those movies when they come on.

  81. I agree. I do not like what Disney Channel has become. The shows used to be so kid-friendly and funny, and now they’re all about trying to attain fame and pursuing/getting into relationships at 12 years old. I miss the old Disney Channel. The shows just aren’t the same. Not near as good. I don’t know how much I’ll let my kids watch Disney, when I do have kids.

  82. I believe it’s so key to talk about it and discuss what you notice to your children like you did, and hear them talk it out. That gives kids the ability to question what they’re watching for themselves! Good read

  83. I’m not a parent but as someone who has done my fair share of babysitting, the shows/movies do occasionally leave me flumoxed. The sexual innuendos and advanced story lines are, indeed, not appropriate. And Sponge Bob, though I know a lot of people in my age bracket STILL find it amusing, just drives me INSANE. I was the generation of Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, South Park, and the original 90210. I was not allowed to watch any of them because my parents screened them and made an informed decision. I may have been teased because I wasn’t allowed to watch them, but as an adult, I realize I wasn’t missing anything. And perhaps I even saved a few brain cells for more important things.

  84. The shows are outstandingly anti-parent, and specifically anti-father. And that’s not just Disney Channel, that’s almost every children’s show aired today. I’d suggest that parents invest in a DVD set of Andy Griffith.

    And now the commercial:
    I run a blog called Zenith Edition, which I just moved to WordPress from Blogger a few days ago. It did not transplant well, but they said mentioning it on other blogs was a good way to attract readers.

  85. Love this post. My husband and I refuse to let our son (almost 4) watch most new shows for “kids.” We mostly stick with Netflix and Hulu so we can choose what he watches. When we don’t have these devices, PBS Kids and Discovery Kids are pretty reliable. I have to agree about Disney Channel’s/Nick’s choice to renew old storylines, but I also just get turned off by the annoying characters. I don’t want my son growing up acting like a moron because that is what is comedic and popular. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  86. Totally agreed!
    Disney should air programs that tells which audiences is it for, I’ve seen some programs in France and Italy where they state: Suitable for children from 1-5, Suitable for children from 6-10 and Suitable for teenagers. But hey, sometimes we’re so tired from our daily work that we do not pay attention to what our kids are watching…

  87. I have always been wary about the Disney Channel, ever since my 12-year-old nephew commented that he didn’t like watching it. I soon discovered why: the Disney image is supposed to be a symbol of clean fun and entertainment for the young and young-at-heart. Actually, it is only a cover to subtly inculcate misplaced values in young minds. They should listen to parents!

  88. And by the way, thanks for giving this matter a strong push in favor of our children. Bravo!
    I would love to hear your thoughts on a post I made recently on gay marriage. See it at

  89. I applaud the fact that you take the time to watch what your child is watching, and then to make a decision based upon what you feel is best for them. Far too often I think parents take the easy way out and let the TV babysit their children without giving a second thought to what they’re actually watching.

  90. Reblogged this on Flesh Covers the Bone and commented:
    My mom is going through the same conflict now. My two youngest sisters are six and seven, and I agree with everything you’ve said. The relationship aspects of these shows are also very unnecessary in my opinion, and one main reason why I dislike these new sitcom shows on Disney. Pushing these stereotypical ideas about romance onto them at such a young age just doesn’t sit well with me. They should be learning character building lessons and be encouraged to be individuals. Age six is not the time to be talking about boyfriends. :/

  91. We have not had commercial tv in the house for 3 years. Instead, we rent dvds from the library or netflix, and we have quite strict time limits on tv, computer, etc. I never thought I’d be one of those “strange” parents (having been a little tv addict in my youth) but the few times a year I come across commercial tv programming for kids, I feel confirmed in trying to shield my children from the bad manners, sassyness, sexism in a lot of these shows.

    • I, too am one of those strange parents who restrict what my children watch, usually limiting their options to PBS or selected Netflix shows. Thankfully, we don’t have cable, so the Disney channel is not an option. The difficult part, though, is monitoring their tv exposure when around relatives or friends who have differing opinions on what shows are acceptable. This has resulted in them seeing way more formulaic, Disney princess movies than I would have. (I just cringe when the stepmother in Rapunzel stabs Flynn Rider. Even though they don’t actually show the stabbing, any child over five can figure that out. Wholesome entertainment, right?).

  92. Thank you for eloquently backing up my choice to ban this both at home and at work…and I work in a children’s psychiatric hospital where they struggle as it is with defiance, dishonesty, aggression and limited social skills. Now, if I could only get the parents of these children to follow suit! Very well-summarized.

  93. How about teaching your children what they see on TV is not real or the way they’re supposed to act? Open a line of communication with your children. Ask them why they like the show, who their favorite character is and why. It’s extremely important to do this while they’re still really young because once they get older and start spending more and more time away from home with their friends the things you teach them will help them make their decisions. Most shows that I’ve watched with my daughter show some kind of moral lesson at the end of the episode like they did 20 and 30 years ago. The problem with parents today (I’m by no means saying any of you reading this are those type of parents) is that they let the TV raise their children. Besides, most those shows are played after a certain time. Designate that time for your children to do something else besides watch TV. Just saying there are other things you can do rather than bash a corporation whose sole purpose is to get you to part with as much money as they possibly can get you to part with. When it comes down to it, if you’re teaching your children the difference between right and wrong, fantasy and reality, then what they see on age appropriate shows shouldn’t matter. Because they’ll know different. If you decide to ban the shows anyway, tell them why. Tell them you don’t like how they make look like it’s OK to lie, cheat, steal etc. Your children will grow up respecting you more if you’re honest with them.

    • You can teach the kids until you are blue in the face, but they go to school and their friends who watch say that is the way they are suppose to behave. Who do they listen to? their friends.

      • Actually since I’m not technically an adult yet I can say my parents taught me things like this when I was younger and I’m a junior in high school now and I don’t listen to my friends unless they are being smart about what they tell me to do. I make my own decisions just like i have since grade school so I think actually parenting wins out peer pressure.

  94. Well said. Thank you for sharing exactly what I have been thinking. I like Disney Junior, but my younger two will soon feel like they are outgrowing it. I miss the tv shows of yesteryear. Of course the fact that I just wrote yesteryear gives me away as the 40-something mama that I am to a 6, 8, and 17 year old.
    Great post!

  95. My sisters cannot get enough of Disney Channel, and it only becomes a problem to my mum when they watch it for more than 3 hours a day. I stopped watching Disney when I was 14 (I’m 20 now) and I just can’t sit through any of the shows they air now. Worse is Cartoon Network, but there are only two shows on there I watch with my sisters and those are The Regular Show and Adventure Time. I like them because they’re not mind-numbingly dumb and dry, and it’s actually funny which is what cartoons are supposed to be.
    I know that a child who watches enough of any show on, say, Disney Channel, CN or Nickelodeon, might just end up acting out negative things they see on TV, it’s a problem. But in my family, my sisters know that what they see (even the youngest who is 8) on TV isn’t real and they watch it mainly for entertainment, not to learn about life. We have our mother to learn about life from.
    When I’m a parent, I don’t want to control what my children watch unless it starts resulting in negative behaviour. The only thing that really irks me about “kids” entertainment channels post-2004 is that the shows seem manufactured and churned out to fill in the time slots, and like not much thought or creativity or imagination was put into them.
    I’m a young adult and despite my mother rolling her eyes, I will wake up early on a Saturday morning to see if any old shows on Cartoon Network are on. I’m lucky if I’ll get an episode of Powerpuff Girls that I haven’t watched before…

  96. I’m pretty well convinced that the Disney Channel is the reason my children think I’m an idiot; at least, I hope so. Regardless, I can always tell when my 7-year-old has been overdosing on Jessie and similar Disney shows. She acts like a total spaz, basically mimicking the over the top personalities of the characters. We have severely restricted viewing of Disney and are considering an all out ban similar to yours.

  97. I used to watch “Little Women, Mary & the Secret Garden, & other classic stories” in cartoons, although not in Disney. I hope they will have shows like those.

  98. I personally think some of the shows are ridiculous. They are either too stupid and reduce children’s thinking capacities or they are too mature. Disney needs to remember the days when their shows catered to young minds and impacted them positively. It’s all just a business empire now and nobody is thinking about the children but a few parents who actually take the time to observe what their children are watching. By the time my children are born, I hope Disney will still be good enough for them to watch. God help us.

  99. I don’t even have kids and I agree with everything you have put forward here. Sometimes I stop and watch some of the tween shows on various channels..get hooked into the plot, then suddenly realize, wait, this isn’t supposed to be geared toward ppl my age…or is it??

  100. My kid was appalled after seeing some of the shows I watched as a kid, like Looney Tunes and the Grinch – very violent by today’s standards! I think some of the shows back then, like the Power Rangers and Masters of the Universe, were pretty junky. My child wouldn’t watch any of the live action shows on Disney, YTV, etc because the social situations were too stressful. So we mostly watched PBS, like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Kratt’s Creatures and Zoboomafoo. With a bit of Pokemon thrown in…now Link is 20 and watches Dr. Who 🙂

  101. As a child I was brought up on Disney, I remember when I was small watching all of the feature films. I pride myself on saying that I have watched the majority of the films.

    I won’t go near the TV channel, it’s teaching children the wrong things. All of the girls are stick thin and if they aren’t there is something wrong with them.

    All anyone has to do is look at Demi Lovato’s story to see what a poisonous atmosphere modern Disney has become.

  102. I so feel you on this one here.i wish i would have stop my kid from watchn this channel too.i know this is where here learnd to act slightly dem witted and lost of memery ect ect .to act just like the characters on this channel.he didnt act like this before he started watching.

  103. I banned Disney weekdays after noon and all day on the weekends in my house over a year ago. My daughter was constantly berating herself and saying she wasn’t pretty or talented like the girls on the shows. Sad thing is, my daughter is gorgeous, smart, and talented. So are the millions of other girls who are being brainwashed by the tv to believe they are less then perfect.

  104. Great post! My husband and I cut cable so that our seven-year old wouldn’t watch Disney and Nick Jr. Saved a ton of money and her behavior improved! A win win for us (but not for the cable company. Take that, Comcast!)

  105. I got the memo a long time ago about Disney’s hidden agendas and conspiracies (occultism, pedophilia, etc)… Turn off the television and go out for a ride on a bicycle, search for butterflies or read some books that edify wholesome childhood experiences. I do watch Little House on the Prairie with my children and they thoroughly enjoy all there is to it. It truly transcends the generations and opens the line of discernment for us to evaluate what we just saw. There are no gray areas – just black and white, plain and simple.

  106. Totally agree with you on everything you said. As a Disney fan myself (also as a stockholder in the company and a former Walt Disney World cast member), I am utterly disgusted at the programming direction Disney Channel has taken. How Anne Sweeney and Gary Marsh (the people who run that snake-pit and its worse Disney XD sister network) can allow this to go on and destroy the Disney brand forever is beyond me. I hope to God that Disney starts production on that Mickey Mouse movie that’s said to be in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios, because that will be our only chance to have kids who grew up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to continue liking Mickey for years to come (and of course return him to his hand-animated roots). All in all, I’m just sick that this is going on.

  107. Do you know what’s really sad? When I was a little girl, watching Disney Channel, I saw the actors be rude and disobedient to their parents, and I thought I was supposed to act like that too, so I became like them. Kids learn from what they see on TV and I wish the Disney Channel had shows with smart children with manners and not whatever they have now. I don’t even watch it anymore. If I had kids, I would buy all the seasons of Full House. That show was perfect.

  108. I’m glad that I’m not the only one to shut Disney off. The kids are rude and disrespectful towards adults, treating them in condescending manner. Parents are often absent, either in actuality like in Jessie, or in that they bow to the children’s brattiness and fail to “parent”. We stick with Netflix where I can choose what they watch, or channels that play older tv shows. No doubt that when my kids watch the newer shows I start to see the behavior mirrored in my own kids, and that’s definitely not who I want me kids to be.

  109. I totally agree. about 7 years ago my husband and I realized that shows like Jimmy Nuetron and Fairly Odd Parents made parents, especially dads out to be morons. This is defiantly not something we want taught to our children. It’s only gotten worse recently on shows like Good Luck Charlie. I also don’t like the idea that you can be as hateful and hurtful as you want to family and as long as you make up by the end of the show it’s okay. it’s not okay! We got rid of our tv 7 years ago and have limited the kids to just 2 hours a day on the Internet. Don’t want those ideas in our home.

  110. As a parent of three children, I have also noticed the content of these shows for children as being either vapid or too adult themed for the elementary school age set, Along with what others have mentioned with parents being portrayed as stupid/incompetent, I also would agree that the exchanges among characters and generations leaves a lot to be desired. The same media that venerates a short, vicious sound bite to draw attention to their network and individuals who spout the negativity draw viewership; we see the conditioning for being nasty to everyone amongst television families.

    My wife and I constantly debate what should and shouldn’t be available to our children. The content, unfortunately, extends past the television and into other realms of the Internet, movies, video games and, subsequently, peers who have different levels of access to those sources. I find it difficult, sometimes, protecting the innocence of childhood for as long as I can. Glad to hear other parents are dealing with this topic…..Good post!

  111. In my opinion DISNEY CH. Is a good evolution for the children, but my boy is 15 years old – when he was litle he watched fox kids than jetix and now Disney Ch… Austin and Ally, Liv and Maddie etc aren’t bad shows( just smth diferent) -he can`t watch all live the old cartoons 😛 …and the relations between girls and boys are just funy jokes. But this is just my opinion (you can do what you want)…. Bye !

  112. I totally agree with the article. In my opinion these don’t teach kids anything only produce the opposite effect such as disrespect to parents and talking back to them. I myself have 7 years old daughter who is glued to the screen watching them and sometimes at this point I just want grab TV and throw it out the window. All these shows are just about a bunch of spoiled brats narcissistic kids
    who somehow think that they smarter and wiser than parents. The worst show is “Jessi” about that dysfunctional nanny. I don’t want my daughter to be exposed to this. Waist of time.

  113. I absolutely agree. I got really sick of it all. My older daughter wanted to watch all of those shows but my littlest was picking things up from it. “If you come in my room again, I’ll kill you” sounds disturbing when it’s said by a 3 year old! This is part of the reason we got rid of cable all together. We just have Netflix now. It’s easier to monitor.

  114. My 7-year-old daughter recently asked to watch Jessie and after half-watching one episode I remarked to my wife that the main point of that show seems to be to reinforce stereotypes. Today I saw part of another episode and it got into this relationship business that is (or should be) way over the head of any 7-year-old. I am going to recommend this NOT be on the viewing menu.

  115. Disney is just all around a horrible channel. Every single show they air makes me feel like I’m losing IQ points as I watch it. This horrible channel needs to be taken off the air, and this is coming from a 17 year old high school student, not some overprotective conservative mother.

  116. Well obviously disney is realizing that older kids 11-14 are not watching anymore. Why is that you may ask? It is because the shows are NOT mature enough. But please at least let her watch episodes that are more for her age. Maybr you could watch thr episode first then let her watch it if you think its okay.

  117. I completely agree, but Disney is a huge part of the hearts and minds of several children, and besides, I have heard several American children in kindergarten stating that they have ‘5 girlfriends’, etc. This isn’t even because they watch shows like this but because their parents raise them like it. At the age of 10, children have their first kiss. In the light of this, I don’t see why American parents make a big deal out of small boy-girl relationship mentions

    • I agree. I also believe it’s mostly public school that examples this stuff not Disney Channel. I think if you have confidence you’ve raised you’re kids the right way these shows should have no affect them.

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