Chore List For Kids By Age

With each new school year comes new responsibility for your children. That should apply to home as well. They grow up so fast and sometimes it can feel like a punch in the gut when they don’t need you anymore. But doing things for them at home that they really should be doing for themselves […] Read more…


Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

It’s Spring Break time! If your family is having a staycation like we are, I’ve got a fun way to rediscover your city with a Spring Break Scavenger Hunt. Whether you are new to a city or have live there for years, this scavenger hunt will give you a chance to explore your city through […] Read more…

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The Ultimate Babysitter Checklist

No matter how old my daughter is or how many times we’ve had a babysitter, I always feel a bit anxious when I leave her in the care of someone else. You too? Well I’m putting our minds at ease with an essential list of 25 things your babysitter should know about your child and your […] Read more…

9 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Love

As I sent Journey out the door this morning with a box of Valentine’s for her classmates, I realized that it won’t be long before I’m sending her out the door on her first date.  There are so many things I want to tell her about the beauty, the heartbreak, the romance, and the many complexities of […] Read more…

Is It Bullying Or Just Bad Behavior

Is It Bullying Or Just Bad Behavior?

To be a parent is to walk a tightrope. To strike the perfect balance between teaching your children about utopia and reality. The way things should be and the way the actually are. In utopia, my daughter’s friends play nicely. They never hurt each other physically or emotionally. But in reality, friends don’t always get […] Read more…

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