Chore List For Kids By Age

With each new school year comes new responsibility for your children. That should apply to home as well. They grow up so fast and sometimes it can feel like a punch in the gut when they don’t need you anymore. But doing things for them at home that they really should be doing for themselves […] Read more…


75 Ingredients You Should Always Keep In Your Kitchen

Don’t you just hate it when you are right in the middle of cooking and realize you are missing a key ingredient you need to finish your recipe? Or what about that drawer full of recipes that you never get around to making because they always require some ingredients you don’t have? Well no more! […] Read more…

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The Ultimate Babysitter Checklist

No matter how old my daughter is or how many times we’ve had a babysitter, I always feel a bit anxious when I leave her in the care of someone else. You too? Well I’m putting our minds at ease with an essential list of 25 things your babysitter should know about your child and your […] Read more…

10 Things You Should Keep In Your Car During Winter

10 Things You Should Keep In Your Car During The Winter

There are so many things that can go wrong while driving in the winter. Icy roads and snowy conditions increase the chances of you having an accident or getting stuck in your car. With record snowfall and freezing temperatures across the country, here are 10 things you should keep in your car during the winter to survive […] Read more…

When Disaster Strikes: 4 Tips On Protecting Your Important Documents

It’s been a year since Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast, leaving behind billions of dollars in devastation and damages.  While most of what was destroyed can be replaced, recovering important personal documents after a natural disaster can be extremely difficult.  Here are a few ways to protect your important documents in the event of […] Read more…

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