Family. They make big messes. They make lots of noise. They drive you crazy. They make your house a home. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are a few of my most popular posts about the joy and chaos of family life.

Best Deodorant for Kids

Friday Find: Best Deodorant For Kids

I knew the day would come.  The day my daughter would make me second guess my senses.  Surely that wasn’t my little angel that just walked past me smelling like a teenager.  Not my baby!  But it happened.  When the weather broke last spring, so did my daughter’s hormones. Read more…

best lunchbox ever

Friday Find: The Best Lunch Box Ever

While I am quite creative in the kitchen, when it comes to packing Journey’s lunch my ideas fall flat.  It’s just the beginning of October and she’s already getting bored with what’s in her lunchbox. I added a few new hot lunch options into the mix, but how many times can I do pasta? Then I […] Read more…

Super Fun Summer Challenge 2014: Week 4

I am working out of town this week and have had the worst internet connection ever!  I literally tried to post this blog for like 8 hours yesterday and it just wasn’t happening.  So I’m a day late but I finally got it to go through. Journey has finished camp for the summer and has […] Read more…

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