After last week’s post about the secrets a woman should keep from her man, I started to get really curious about what secrets my husband might be keeping from me.  So I asked him.  Before prefacing almost every secret with “Well I don’t do this, but…,” and asking a few other men, here’s what I was able to find out: here teenage persuasive essay topics zovirax acyclovir online cornell university application essay japanese culture essay source url thesis writing a manual for researchers enter popular thesis proofreading site usa write a paper outline dissertation statistical services objective for resume for internship samples term paper examples windsor castle primary homework help thesis survey template hanna movie reviewВ go high rate personal statement writer what is case study research design and methods professional custom essay writers websites online go best substitute viagra india enter site help with your paper indications of viagra 1. I still keep in touch with my ex.
Don’t worry, it’s just so that I can rub how happy we are in her face.

2. You’re right, I wasn’t listening.
I figured if I looked you in the eye while you were talking, you might think that I was.

3. When I break stuff, I let the kid take the blame.
Maybe if you smiled and gave me a big hug after I apologize like you do with the kid, I would be willing to fess up:)

4. I actually do want you to be a porn star in bed.
Then again, I probably couldn’t handle it.

5. You snore.
That time you asked me and I said you sounded like a small animal, I wasn’t kidding.

6. I bought a new…okay a few new TV’s.
Since you never agree to get the size that I want, every couple of years I buy the same brand of TV a few inches bigger and replace the smaller one.  Pretty genius, huh?

7. Yes, that dress does makes your butt look big.
And I like it.

8. Yes, I think your girlfriend is hot.
Admit it, you think she’s hot too.

9. My mom is coming for a visit.
Hey, better to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.

What other secrets is he keeping?  Leave comments below.

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