self-care-tips-for-moms-mothers dayMother’s Day is the only other day besides birthdays that moms are pampered and given a day off. But what about the rest of the year? Moms spend so much of their time taking care of everyone else that they forget to put themselves on that list.  We all need time to recharge our batteries, so here are 13 self-care tips for moms.

13 Self-Care Tips For Moms

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2.  Spend time reading whatever you want—a magazine, a trashy novel, a self-help book—you decide.

3.  Have private time in the bathroom. Everyone is entitled to at least 15 minutes alone in the bathroom. Take it!

4.  Skip the cleanup. It’s ok to leave a few dishes in the sink or to get dressed out of the laundry basket for a full wash cycle.

5.  Enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in a quiet space. This might have to happen before the kids get up or after they go to bed, but it’s worth it.

6.  Say NO. No you cannot bake the cookies, no you cannot chair the fundraising committee, etc., etc.

7.  Keep a journal. Getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper can be very therapeutic.

8.  Eat dessert. You deserve it!

9.  Take a nap. When? Whenever the kids are napping, when dad takes the kids to the park, or instead of doing housework. Just look for a 20-minute window somewhere in your day. A quick power nap can work wonders for your energy level.

10. Sleep in. Resist the urge to jump out of bed on the weekend. Let the kids eat cereal and watch cartoons while you hit snooze.

11. Remember to breath. Taking a few deep breaths can help you calm down and reduce stress when you are feeling overwhelmed.

12. Exercise. Doing some form of exercise everyday can increase your energy level, lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels.

13. Ask for help. Arrange a drop-off play date for the kids, send the kids to grandma’s for the weekend, ask tell your family to help with chores. Build a network of support to help you when you need a break.

Remember, taking some time for yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary:)

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4 Comments on 13 Self-Care Tips for Moms

  1. Hey #BLMgirl! I am soooo loving this post as I am struggling to find time for myself between work and managing an infant and toddler. Yeesh! #6, though? I am soooo here for it! I’ll be bookmarking this post so I can refer to it when it’s time for mama to get some time for herself.

  2. I think I say no more than I say yes. I find motherhood, blogging, and running an Etsy shop to be about as much as I can handle.

    #3…we have a rule (that isn’t always followed so wonderfully)- no talking to Mommy when she is in the bathroom with the door closed. If I shower without my husband home, I leave the door open in case something is needed. But if the door is closed, whatever it is can wait. #ShineBlogHop

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